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Life is good.
I have had the opportunity to attend and
graduate from both Rockford High School
and The University of Michigan.
While at U of M, I was a member of the
rowing team, and have continued on with
the sport, now rowing with the
Grand Rapids Rowing Association.
Having worked for 20 years in the 
ophthalmology field as a technician,
my medical experience enables me to easily
and gently administer any necessary shots,
eyedrops, ear meds, or pills.  I am meticulous
about timing and monitoring dog medication routines.
Being a member of the Rockford Lions Club, I am pleased to serve my community both locally and globally.  Among other things, the Lions Club supports Leader Dogs and is active in blindness prevention programs.
I enjoy art and design - having some background in bath and kitchen design, and with my family in remodeling, I was able to design my own home and create a dog-friendly environment.  The safely fenced-in back yard is a great place for dogs to wander and sniff - filling up their minds with all the scents of the season.  The dogs enjoy helping me work outside - I make brush piles and they help to re-distribute the piles (after all, the dogs don't want me to get bored, right?).  The dogs are great motivators for me - they make yardwork fun! - and I love dreaming up dog-friendly landscape designs.

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