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Life is good.
I have had the opportunity to attend and
graduate from both Rockford High School
and The University of Michigan. 
While at U of M, I was a member of the
rowing team, and have continued on with
the sport, rowing with the Grand Rapids
Rowing Association.
Having worked for 20 years in the
ophthalmology field as a technician,
my medical experience enables me to easily
and gently administer any necessary shots,
eyedrops, ear meds, or pills.  I am meticulous
about timing and monitoring dog medication routines.
I enjoy art and landscaping.  Having some background in home design, I was able to design my own house and create a dog-friendly environment.  The safely fenced-in back yard is a great place for dogs to wander and sniff - filling up their minds with all the scents of the season.  The dogs enjoy helping me work outside - I make brush piles and they help to re-distribute the piles (after all, the dogs don't want me to get bored, right?).  The dogs are great motivators for me - they make yardwork fun! - and I love dreaming up dog-friendly landscape designs.
My newest venture is becoming a writer.  With the help of my dog, Bennett, I've published my first book entitled "Yes!" Dog Training Made Simple, by Bennett the Dog.  The book is coming out in October, 2020, and will be available online.  You can purchase your own copy (signed by both Bennett and me) by emailing me at or calling 616-213-2016. 

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