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Meet Chase & Bennett
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Meet Chase & Bennett
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I've got fun for every dog who comes to stay with us!  Not only do I love dogs, I've got two host dogs that have known nothing but safe and gentle playtime with other dogs - they are my hard-working and lovable black Labrador retrievers, Chase and Bennett. 
Meet Chase - yes, he may look like a bit of a goof ... and he is! He is ten years old now, and our more athletic dog guests tend to hang out with him. Chase leads his doggy friends all around the yard and shows them his favorite hills to run over and his favorite sticks to chase - he is aptly named.
Meet Bennett - he's the youngest host dog here, but he's one social fella! Bennett loves all dogs, big and small. He's an excellent sharer of Nylabones and fluffy dog beds!  His calm energy helps to keep our furry guests relaxed while they are on vacation at dog camp.

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