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"YES!"  Dog Training Made Simple, by Bennett the Dog
As Seen on FOX 17 NEWS!
In this easy-to-read training manual, Bennett the Dog gives a glimpse into a dog's mind as he explains how his human mother (that would be me) creates good doggy manners at home.  Copies are available for purchase on Amazon - with signed copies available directly from the author (see ordering details at the bottom of this page). 
"Yes!" Dog Training Made Simple, by Bennett the Dog, is an entertaining guide for adults - but Bennett's writing also pertains to children and how they, too, can shape the family pet into an enjoyable and relaxed dog.  Bennett is a candid and humorous storyteller - and since his brain thinks in cartoons, the book is filled with beautiful color graphics that exemplify what Bennett is talking about every step of the way.
This book is upbeat, creative, and explains critical ideas that often escape people as they get caught up in the HOW of dog training.  Once you read Bennett's thoughts on training, you'll understand the WHY of training - why dogs respond easily to some people and not to others - why some dogs come when called (and some don't) - why some dogs act out for attention (and others do not).  If you follow what Bennett the Dog says in this book, dog training will be simple!
This manual covers how to easily make yourself the pack leader in your home and how to reduce stress in your dog's life, which I believe are the two most important aspects of dog training.  You'll learn how to create and reinforce training commands using my "teeter-totter" (positive / negative) approach.  Bennett goes over tips for problem solving common situations like:  walking nicely on a leash, getting along with others, coming when called, digging in the yard, jumping and mouthing, aggression issues, and safety with food and toys.
After decades of training dogs in my home, I love to share the secrets that help make dogs feel calm and emotionally fulfilled - so they are free to enjoy living a dog's life.  I always say that we should listen closely to our own dogs - because the've got funny and insightful things to say! 
For personally-signed copies of "Yes!" Dog Training Made Simple, please email Ronnie Blackwell (at  Copies sell for $19.99 - and I will ship your order anywhere in the U.S. at no additional charge.  Let me know how many copies you would like and the name of the person (or dog) you would like them signed to.  I accept Venmo, personal checks, cash and credit card orders.
These hardcover and colorful books make perfect holiday and birthday presents - so be sure to get your signed copy today!

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